School choice is real change!

The best way to increase the general wealth and prosperity for all Americans is to improve education by supporting school choice.  It is time to end the government and labor union control of public education.  Money is not the problem.  We already spend enough on the failing public school system.  The bureaucrats always find new, innovative ways to waste our money on lucrative teacher’s contracts, excessive administration costs, unsustainable pension plans, health plans, political campaigns, ball fields with artificial turf, and of course condoms.

The teacher unions blame the government (not enough money, low salaries) and parents (no support, too poor, don’t care, not involved) for failing to educate our children.  They are wrong.  The system simply lacks consumer choice.  Most people can’t afford to send their kids to private schools.  Here’s an idea: require all elected officials to send their children to an inner-city public school.  We’d see school choice in about a week…

Democrats have controlled big city government for the last 25 years and aligned themselves with teachers unions and government bureaucrats while schools have steadily declined.  This is a national disgrace.  Sadly, only about 60% of Philadelphia high school students will ever graduate.  We can do better.

Let’s give parents more control and responsibility for the education of their children.  Introduce competition and bad schools will either improve or be forced out of business.