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Klaven video on Public Sector Unions

Posted by blogbymurph on February 6, 2016

This is an oldie but still relevant given that public sector unions put Democratic PA Governor Tom Wolf in office.  No wonder we are still at a budget impasse…

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I don’t often agree with Howard Dean, but…

Posted by blogbymurph on February 6, 2016

Dean was right in calling out Labor Unions as Super Pacs, but he is probably the worst surrogate ever.  Great to watch this bunch implode.

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Inspiring words from former President Reagan…

Posted by blogbymurph on January 31, 2016

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Contract Negotiation the Union Way…

Posted by blogbymurph on November 23, 2014

This should be interesting.  Governor-elect Tom Wolf will be sitting across the negotiating table with his largest campaign donors (to the tune of 2.7 million dollars).  You have to wonder who will represent the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.  We have serious challenges ahead of us — such as the underfunded Pension System — and neither Wolf or the government unions admit there is a problem.

More from TribLIVE here

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Government Unions Spent $2.7 million to get Tom Wolf Elected PA Governor…

Posted by blogbymurph on November 23, 2014

Don’t expect any real reform (Education or Pension) out of Harrisburg anytime soon.  Newly elected Governor Tom Wolf owes a big debt to government unions, and the rest of us will pay the price.  Taxpayer dollars support the collection of union dues, which are used to buy influence in Harrisburg.  Time to end this practice by supporting Paycheck Protection.

Check out the facts from the Commonwealth Foundation here

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Capitalism gets no respect…

Posted by blogbymurph on January 2, 2010

Good commentary from Jonah Goldberg regarding NPR’s treatment of capitalism…     

Consider NPR. As a brand, it claims to be standing athwart capitalism because it’s “public.” What that means exactly is a bit unclear, since it still allows corporations to fund its programming in exchange for audio endorsements none dare call commercials and relies on the kindness of listeners to keep it afloat — listeners who, one way or another, make their money from you-know-what.

Indeed, speaking of the decade in capitalism, National Public Radio failed to mention that Joan Kroc, widow of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, left more than $200 million to NPR in 2003. Mrs. Kroc’s generosity of spirit was her own, but the wampum is all capitalism’s, baby.

Free markets and capitalism get no respect… 

Every good thing capitalism helps produce — from singing careers to cures for diseases to staggering charity —  is credited to some other sphere of our lives. Every problem with capitalism, meanwhile, is laid at her feet. Except the problems with capitalism — greed, theft, etc. — aren’t capitalism’s fault, they’re humanity’s. Socialist countries have greedy thieves, too.

Free markets are in disrepute these days, particularly by the people running Washington. For them, government is the solution and capitalism is the problem. If they have their way over the next decade, they won’t cure what allegedly ails capitalism — people will still steal and lie — but they will impede everything that makes capitalism great. And that will be bad for everyone, even NPR.

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Fascism Defined…

Posted by blogbymurph on September 7, 2009

Private industry under the direct control of government becomes enslaved to politics — sound familiar?  If not, recall the Stimulus Plan, bank bailouts, government takeover of GM and Chrysler, and the upcoming Obamacare and Cap & Trade schemes?  We are getting dangerously close…          

Fascism, like communism and socialism, is a form of collectivist politics. As the great author H.P. Lovecraft put it, when describing the dark gods of his horror stories: “Many names, one nightmare.” These philosophies share a belief in the supreme power and virtue of the central State. Under communism, government owns the means of production – there is no private industry. In a socialist system, the State is nominally separate from private industry, but it siphons large amounts of money from the private sector to fund the socialist agenda. Fascism maintains private industry, but places it under the direct control of the government. Private industry still exists, but the State sets production goals, directly controls economic activity, and dominates the management of corporations. Industry becomes enslaved to political goals.  Read the full article at 



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Economics 101…

Posted by blogbymurph on January 9, 2009

Despite the hype, this is not the first or even the most severe recession we’ve faced.  Reagan inherited a far more serious economic situation than Obama.  He devised a simple strategy which has resulted in over 25 years of economic prosperity.  Cut taxes and reduce government spending.  Reagan unleashed the power of the free market and left the creation of wealth and jobs to entrepreneurs, not government bureaucrats.

The Obama stimulus plan will increase the size and power of the federal government, adding more than 600,000 federal employees.  It will reward special interest groups (i.e. teachers unions) with more money for their support in the 2008 elections.  It will continue to bail out poorly managed institutions, be they private enterprise or state governments.  It will redistribute wealth by giving tax rebates to those who don’t even pay taxes.  It will also prolong the recession.

Edwin J. Feulner of the Heritage Foundation describes a true conservative approach to fixing the economy:  fix the tax code so it encourages greater economic growth by improving the long-term rewards for investing in job-creating enterprises.  Lowering tax rates on capital and labor is the best possible tonic for our economic ailments.

Feulner advocates the following:

  1. Make permanent the income tax rate reductions that passed in 2001 and 2003
  2. Reduce the corporate tax rate to at least 25 percent to enable American companies to compete with those overseas
  3. Reduce marginal income tax rates for at least five years to reassure working families that their taxes will be affordable in the years ahead
  4. Extend “bonus appreciation” for at least two more years to make new equipment more affordable and thus encourages businesses to upgrade, a policy that helps get the economy moving

Learn more about proven ways to fix the economy at the Heritage Foundation

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School choice is real change!

Posted by blogbymurph on November 22, 2008

The best way to increase the general wealth and prosperity for all Americans is to improve education by supporting school choice.  It is time to end the government and labor union control of public education.  Money is not the problem.  We already spend enough on the failing public school system.  The bureaucrats always find new, innovative ways to waste our money on lucrative teacher’s contracts, excessive administration costs, unsustainable pension plans, health plans, political campaigns, ball fields with artificial turf, and of course condoms.

The teacher unions blame the government (not enough money, low salaries) and parents (no support, too poor, don’t care, not involved) for failing to educate our children.  They are wrong.  The system simply lacks consumer choice.  Most people can’t afford to send their kids to private schools.  Here’s an idea: require all elected officials to send their children to an inner-city public school.  We’d see school choice in about a week…

Democrats have controlled big city government for the last 25 years and aligned themselves with teachers unions and government bureaucrats while schools have steadily declined.  This is a national disgrace.  Sadly, only about 60% of Philadelphia high school students will ever graduate.  We can do better.

Let’s give parents more control and responsibility for the education of their children.  Introduce competition and bad schools will either improve or be forced out of business.

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