What we know about the Vax…

What we know (1): Vax doesn’t stop transmission. Vax doesn’t stop the variants. Vax doesn’t stop infection. Vax has limited window of effectiveness. Vax may have side effects esp in young males.

2. A Vax should produce immunity to a disease — this one clearly doesn’t and is more of a treatment. Why force healthy people to take a jab that doesn’t really work?

3. Wouldn’t a better strategy be to just Vax the most vulnerable? Shift the focus to early detection and highly effective treatments such as the FDA approved Monoclonal Antibodies. They actually work and don’t have severe side effects.

4. Why aren’t public health officials and our leaders talking about early treatments? Govenor DeSantis seems to be the only one making it easy for folks to get early and effective treatment.

5. And 1 more thing we know. Natural immunity lasts longer and actually works. Always has. Why isn’t this acknowledged? Why would anyone with natural immunity get a Vax that could have side effects when they are already protected?

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Turning on each other…

This started to be a good story but ended badly. Imagine rescuing a dog that was half frozen only to find out that a fellow citizen reported you to the Police for violating a Covid lockdown. Is Ireland now a police state? Are citizens turning on each other? What kind of person does this? It is way past time to end this nonsense and start living again.

Here’s the entire thread from Nicholas Clairmont…

Neesha and her little pup sibling Harley were lost on an hike, taking in the outdoor air in the Wicklow Mountains.

If you've never been to Ireland, you should understand that these are 1) right near the city where most of the country lives and 2) the most beautiful thing you've ever seen

The dogs had bolted, and the owners had only ben able to find Harley. They thought Neesha was dead. But miraculously, two doctors on a hike in Wicklow found Neesha almost two full weeks later

She lost a third of her body weight, but now she is at home, snuggled up and warm with her family.

So far, so nothing-sinister. An incredibly sweet story of a pup that got home. But what I feel like a lot of my American friends don't know is that Europeans are living under lockdown restrictions we have never had here, with actual enforcement. So the dog-rescuing hero doctor?

Well you see, in Ireland, you can't go more than 5km from your house. It's not just notional either. 8000 fines have been given out in the little 4.5 million person Republic. You really aren't allowed out. You can't meet people outside, or take a long walk

This has been the case since October, when a 6 week lockdown was announced to "save Christmas." That was extended and is now set to last until at least May. Most recently, for no scientific reason, the government has proposed lowering the 5km radius to 2km


So in the Wicklow Mountains, a boutique hotel has been offering some of the only people allowed to be regarded as people instead of just viral vectors–healthcare workers–mental health retreats. You know, because the lockdowns are psychological torture.


Pretty cool that this mountain retreat of sanity was available to the doctors, in this country where everyone is unable to see friends even outside, and police check if you are too far from your house. But wait…

Some concerned citizen, a vigilant lockdown rules-enforcer, read the heartwarming story about doctors returning a stranded dog to its family and thought they should call the police.

Turns out, the hike may have been too long, so the doctors are under investigation and the hotel shut now.

Is the fact that any of this mutual surveillance and punishment is what following the rules looks like a sign of a healthy society?

Do my American friends know that in the UK right now, you can go jog in the park, but you can't meet anyone there, and you can't sit down? Much of Europe is living in what sounds like a paranoid fantasy prediction from what people here in the US said could happen

Look at this dog. Look at her. Somebody saw this picture and thought, "Those criminals. I'm calling the cops"


For becoming a place where hotels offering retreats to exhausted doctors who save cold, sad, stranded Golden Retrievers get shut down after curtain-twitching lunatics call the police on them, Ireland currently has about the Covid death rate of Virginia.

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Cuomo vrs. DeSantis…

Looks like Governor Cuomo is finally getting the credit he deserves for causing so many deaths in NY nursing homes — check out this article in Townhall.com…

Florida had far fewer deaths, and handled the pandemic without harming its citizens, yet is still attacked by the dishonest media and of course the Biden administration.

Wake up and start living

You know what scares me more than Covid-19? The loss of our freedom, and the massive brainwashing and fear-mongering pushed by our political leaders, big tech, dishonest media, lazy reporters and fear mongering health officials.

Good thread and great perspective from former NYT Science writer Alex Berenson. His research on Covid is solid and you can learn more from his best selling booklets: Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns. Berenson is a solid journalist who follows the truth and asks tough questions.