How to get back to normal in five easy steps…

How to get back to normal in five easy steps…

1. Ignore fear mongering from the media, politicians and public health officials. Ignore anything Joe Biden says. He was always a bit of an arse but it never really mattered before he was President – no one ever listened to him!

I almost forgot… Also ignore Anthony Fauci. Or anyone who uses the following words in a sentence: global, science, climate or horse tranqulizer.

2. Refuse to wear a mask. They are perfectly useless and don’t work. Only science deniers wear them.

3. Never ask anyone if they are vaccinated. Never answer the question “are you vaccinated?”. There are dumb questions in life, and this one of them. If you must respond feel free to say MYOFB!

4. If you are sick with COVID symptoms (a) get tested early and (b) If positive immediately seek a medical professional to get infused with monoclonal antibodies. Extremely effective and no serious side effects.

5. Feel free to live life as you you chose. If in doubt, go back to step 1.

Originally tweeted by BlogbyMurph (@blogbymurph) on September 12, 2021.

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