What we know about the Vax…

What we know (1): Vax doesn’t stop transmission. Vax doesn’t stop the variants. Vax doesn’t stop infection. Vax has limited window of effectiveness. Vax may have side effects esp in young males.

2. A Vax should produce immunity to a disease — this one clearly doesn’t and is more of a treatment. Why force healthy people to take a jab that doesn’t really work?

3. Wouldn’t a better strategy be to just Vax the most vulnerable? Shift the focus to early detection and highly effective treatments such as the FDA approved Monoclonal Antibodies. They actually work and don’t have severe side effects.

4. Why aren’t public health officials and our leaders talking about early treatments? Govenor DeSantis seems to be the only one making it easy for folks to get early and effective treatment.

5. And 1 more thing we know. Natural immunity lasts longer and actually works. Always has. Why isn’t this acknowledged? Why would anyone with natural immunity get a Vax that could have side effects when they are already protected?

Originally tweeted by BlogbyMurph (@blogbymurph) on September 10, 2021.

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