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This week’s recap…

Posted by blogbymurph on February 27, 2016

  • Rubio destroyed Trump at Thursday nights debate.  Enjoyed watching.  Finally Marco understands that the only way to beat Trump is through non-stop ridicule.  Expose the clown.
  • Good to also see Cruz join in, but his attacks on the “establishment” and “Washington Cartel” are getting old.  He needs to focus on Trump if he wants to win.
  • Trump’s compliant controlled media elites covered the Christie endorsement as the lead story on Friday versus Trump’s pathetic debate performance.  Rubio and Cruz hammered Donald all night.  Trump was clearly rattled, looked shaken, sounded incoherent.  The unraveling of Trump was the story!
  • MSM continues to provide Trump free air time.  Every cable news channel interrupted regular programming Friday night to broadcast a Trump campaign event.  If this clown actually wins, they will regret being  his surrogates.
  • This should scare the hell out of the MSM: Trump pledges to curb press freedom libel laws
  • I will end on the Biggest Loser of the Week:  Chris Christie.  Three strikes and you’re out in my book – he’s done politically if Trump doesn’t win.
    1. Tough to forget the extended hugging with Obama
    2. Even tougher to forgive him for high-fiving Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones.  It looked pathetic and unmanly, plus no one likes the Dallas Cowboys.
    3. Trump’s lackey, flunky, manservant

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