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Insights on the challenges with Renewables

Posted by blogbymurph on August 11, 2019

Michael Shellenberger is a Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment,” and president of Environmental Progress, an independent research and policy organization. He offers some great insights on the challenges with Solar and Wind — why the can’t save the planet and do more harm than good.  

Check out Why Renewables Can’t save the Planet here

Germany’s carbon emissions have been flat since 2009, despite an investment of $580 billion by 2025 in a renewables-heavy electrical grid, a 50 percent rise in electricity cost.

Meanwhile, France produces one-tenth the carbon emissions per unit of electricity as Germany and pays little more than half for its electricity. How? Through nuclear power.  


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Red Flag Laws

Posted by blogbymurph on August 5, 2019

David French of the National Review makes a persuasive case for supporting Red Flag laws in his article found here.  For those put off by the reference to President Trump in the opening, it should be noted that French is generally not a fan of Trump…

The fundamental flaw in most “common sense” gun-control proposals is simple: They burden the rights of law-abiding citizens without making a material impact on the problem they’re designed to address.

In fact, the reality that most modern gun-control proposals impact mainly the law-abiding is a principal reason for the consistent resistance to them from America’s gun owners. But there is one place where gun owners and gun-rights opponents meet: Americans who have demonstrated by their own conduct that they’re not fit to own a weapon should not be allowed to own a weapon.

Red Flag laws target individuals exhibiting threatening behavior while protecting the liberty of responsible gun owners…

A so-called “red flag” law fills the gaps in criminal law and the laws governing mental-health adjudications by granting standing to a defined, limited universe of people to seek temporaryseizure orders — called gun-violence-restraining orders — for a gun if they can present admissible evidence that the gun’s owner is exhibiting threatening behavior.

Properly drafted, these laws can save lives while also protecting individual liberty. Improperly drafted, they grant the state an overly broad tool that can be systematically abused to deprive disfavored citizens of a fundamental constitutional right. 





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Markets and Morality

Posted by blogbymurph on August 4, 2019

Great weekend interview in the WSJ can be found here.  William McGurn interviews co-founder and president of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, the Rev. Robert A. Sirico who has another, equally demanding ministry: preaching the virtues of economic freedom.

The Acton Institute is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.

“The answer isn’t to head to the hills,” Father Sirico says. “The answer is a simultaneous liberality in our economy and vigor in our moral stances.”

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The Downside of Diversity

Posted by blogbymurph on August 4, 2019

downside of diversity

No wonder college is so expensive! Yale has over 150 full-time staff devoted to a diversity role including an Office of Diversity and Inclusion, a Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development, an Office of Gender and Campus Culture and a dizzying array of similar positions and programs.

Check out the WSJ Weekend Essay here

The demand for diversity has steadily weakened the norms of objectivity and truth and substituted for them a culture of grievance and group loyalty.

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For those confused about the meaning of “collusion”…

Posted by blogbymurph on August 4, 2018

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Good article in the Irish Times…

Posted by blogbymurph on October 9, 2016



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The Spoiled Children of Capitalism

Posted by blogbymurph on April 23, 2016

A classic from Jonah Goldberg from 2008, more relevant today…

Capitalism is the greatest system ever created for alleviating general human misery, and yet it breeds ingratitude.

Read more at:


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Capitalism v Socialism

Posted by blogbymurph on April 23, 2016

Good video.  Mark Matson makes some good points…

  • a Capitalist asks “how can I create benefit or create value for others?”
  • a Socialist asks “how can I confiscate money created by others and distribute to myself and my power base?”
  • Socialism is the most destructive form of government and economic structure ever created. Karl Marx did more damage to mankind than anyone who ever existed.

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The Politics of Envy…

Posted by blogbymurph on February 13, 2016

When I hear complaints about income inequality, I recall a quote from George Will:

Envy is the only one of the seven deadly sins that doesn’t give even a moments pleasure.

How true.  Bernie and Hillary continue to preach income inequality.  They look to bring out the worst in people in an attempt to insight class warfare.  They ignore the simple truth that Free Markets and Capitalism have lifted mankind from thousands of years of gut-wrenching poverty.  Why would anyone want to turn back time and hand over their economic freedom to government bureaucrats?


Learn more about Economics at the American Enterprise Institute.

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For those who feel the Bern…

Posted by blogbymurph on February 8, 2016

Learn the basics about Democratic Socialism…

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